It’s Good To Be Back

Holy Smokes…Long time, no talk!

I’m almost embarrassed that this is my first post of 2018 (CAN YOU SAY SLACKER).  I decided that 2018 was going to be the year of getting healthy/fit and coming up with a real adult like savings plan.

Between those two goals, the usual life stuff and beginning a new job with a new company, blogging unfortunately took a backseat. I also spent an exuberant amount of time shoveling this year: street parking + nor’easters= misery, so I’m giving Mother Nature most of the blame for this slacking 😉

But, I’m back!!!

I thought it would be appropriate to quickly recap in photos 2018. So here goes nothing!


First I celebrated the New Year…





Then I celebrated a new job with my now former coworkers…


I chopped my and traveled to Winterfell…



Then I (and my nephews) made Goat cookies for Super Bowl Sunday…

Took my two favorite little guys to their first theater trip…

And introduced them to Brunch…



This may not seem like a whole lot for 3 months but in between this, were about 12 million miles on the treadmill, an amazing weekend getaway, meal prepping, and new job training. I have lots to blog about and am happy to be back doing so! Let’s get it 2018!


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