The 1st Day of Christmas

Happy Friday All!

My Friday

This wasn’t my planned post but as I was doing my little evening face routine (shockingly I didn’t fall asleep before getting to it) I thought to myself lets get this skin ready for Christmas!

Winter weather wreaks havoc on skin and I had recently made some changes to my skin routine to help prevent that and to try to reverse the signs of aging.

I wanted to share some of the new products with you, and will update you on my results periodically.

Now, lets make sure our Christmas tree aren’t the only thing glowing this Christmas (hahah, get it?!)


A co-worker recommended Thayers and I love her for it! Not only is this working on minimizing pores, its refreshing and smells like heaven (ok, actually roses). Using this product in the evening and in the am, has given my skin a more healthy glow rather than shine.


This Brightening mask can be messy while applying but dang the results afterwards are top notch. My skin feels and looks so hydrated, I would love to be able to do this daily before and after work. Unfortunately, I follow the directions of 2 to 3 times a week. 😉

Last but not least:

Vivitar T-Bar Facial Stimulator

Vivitar Gentle exfoliating Brush

L’Oreal Age Perfect Cleanser



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