Wedding Bliss

My little sister is now a Mrs.

Agh, as happy as my heart is that’s still kinda weird to say. Your little sister is always your little sister, even if she has oh you know two kids, a house and a hubby.  Sometimes I still see the tomboy with the crazy thick bangs wearing leggings and over-sized New Kids On the Block pins.

I’ve been so excited to share some photos of the wedding with you, I apologize for the delay, I left for Chicago (post coming shortly) a couple days after and just now was finally able to get to writing and uploading the pics! So here goes it…

A little Rehearsal dinner peek:

Girlies Getting Ready:



Almost wedding time (pre-wedding nap and tie fixing stud included):





Wedding/Partaaay time:

More Partay time:

This wedding was so beautiful and so much fun, however a big part (couple parts) were missing. My grandparents and of course my Dad. I saw my sister really struggle planning a wedding without my dad, but she did a beautiful job at making sure he was remembered and honoring him.

My two nephews walked her down the aisle and my mom’s three brothers danced with her during the father daughter dance. I am sure my dad was smiling down on this entire night.


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