New York Does It Again

A fun filled sister and cousins pre-wedding bash weekend turned into a couldn’t cancel the hotel, arriving super late weekend in NYC…

It still did not disappoint (believe my very tired but very happy to be in town self)


Here are some highlights and pictures from the 27 hours spent in the city:

Pulsd (the app) – Find some of the best deals on meals and more in NYC. We chose to use it for both dinner and brunch while visiting.


Whitman & Bloom– 384 3rd Ave Dinner for 2 including an app, 2 meals, one dessert and a bottle of wine. Best way to start our Saturday night and only 70 dollars with pulsd. The atmosphere is great and the lamb sliders are delightful 😉


After din we headed to Rock and Reilly’s rooftop. It was pretty dead for a Saturday night and too typical chain restaurant. However the view was pretty nice and bright with all those New York City lights.


Sunday, we started the day grabbing coffees and walking through Central Park. Being able to enjoy the weather and girl chat was a good way to kick off our last day. We then met up with friends for a Mexican brunch and bottomless Mimosas at Serenata.


In true Sunday Funday fashion, brunch mimosas didn’t end at brunch. We headed to The Heights at the Arlo Nomad hotel for some champagne and to soak in the unreal views.

I highly recommend this place, it may be one of my new favorites, I could not get over the city views.  I mean, cmon….


And… now I am ready to go back.


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