Traveldaze: Chicago Flashback


I’m pretty excited because my Chicago trip is officially all booked. I’ve been there several times (and I mean several) to visit family. My grandparents were both born and raised there so I have a ton of extended family, and almost every childhood vacation was spent driving the 17 hour drive to see everyone.

So why so excited you ask?? It’s actually my first time actually staying downtown and going with two adventurous, never boring girlfriends.


It promises to be a girls trip for the ages.

In honor of it, I just had to post some #flashbackfriday photos from my last trip to Chicago. Also included is a short over night stay in Milwaukee.

Happy Friday all!



The hotel for my September stay is right behind me in this pic(above). Can’t wait to wake up to the views!!!


And a little taste of Milwaukee…had my first ‘speakeasy’ experience and found what will prob be my favorite brewery ever.

(Don’t worry I also bought like 12 pounds of cheese)



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