New York’s Always A Good Idea

​This may sound odd to most, but I find NYC escapes rather relaxing. I can always find something new I haven’t done, enjoy a night out with good company and get lost a bit in a City wonderland.

I recently went for a little getaway and tried out some new spots and new experiences.

My new finds:


403 W 43rd St. -Get the meatballs 😉 and a glass of wine (obvi)

Refinery Rooftop 

63 W 38TH ST—Great view even in a bit of fog. I would like to check this place out again during the day ( I forgot to save the snapchat I took of the view, blogger fail I know) But I do have this one of me wearing a flower crown (I don’t post these much, but if it involves a flower crown, BEWARE)


Clinton Street Baking Company

4 Clinton St– went with my cousin and friend and we all ordered different plates and could not help by try each others. Try it all! Be sure to put your name in early in the am. The wait is several hours.

South Street Seaport 

The Seaport District, 19 Fulton Street– highly recommend bopping around here for some adult beverages, from upscale to dive (I mean bras hanging from the ceiling dive) bar, you’ve got it all here. The shopping is not so bad either!


The Brooklyn Bridge– I can’t believe I’ve never done this! It was a nice little walk with great views. I recommend doing it once or twice 🙂

A Brooklyn House Party– Just cause apparently I’m still cool in my younger cousin’s eyes. PHEW (also thankful for B & W after 3 hours of sleep)

Do’s & Don’ts I learned…

That my traveling steamer was the best purchase ever


Don’t walk in FiDi in the middle of the night, you will be joined by some creatures of the rat kind.

Do find parking with spot hero- 38 dollars for the all for all of Saturday and Sunday


I will be going back in 2 weeks for a sister/cousins trip. I will be sure to be better with my photo documenting and will have some new little adventures to share.



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