Dontcha worry…It’s not goodbye



I wanted to share a quote with you, that I think goes perfectly with this post and how I am feeling these days.

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit”- Banksy

I am tired. My brain is tired. My heart is tired.

The other day I climbed a mountain (a small mountain, but a mountain 😉 ) and when I got to the top, I looked around at all the beauty and I rested. My body was tired and I could not help but just sit at the edge and try to take in every second of the view. It was amazing and peaceful

That was Saturday.

On Sunday, due to life being, well life and my always wandering brain thinking too much…I actually told someone I care very much about I hated them (and a few other choice statements) Who am I? Why did I say it? Do I really hate them?  Was I just trying to get them to understand what I’m going through?

I’ve thought about it a lot and the person I said it to. I believe that these words came from a hurting, tired heart and the lack of ability to open up about it until it was too late. It was an irrational reaction to a couple years of  this little heart of mine aching and the inability to let go.

All these questions and thoughts have me, the communications major, wondering what I need to do to not feel this way and not act that way.  Also how do I protect my never failing brave little heart?

I need a mental rest (if that’s a thing) and work on what I’ll call “my inner view” 😉

I’ve wanted to open up to you all and tell you this, because this rest will include a little blog hiatus. This is different for me cause I find pictures and writing quite healing. I will probably miss it and be back sooner than I am planning, but I’m giving this rest a go. I’ve deactivated most social media and pulled out some good ole books.

This I promise is only a ‘blog break’ and once I feel like my creative juices are flowing again and I feel back to myself, ya gurl Coco will be back. I promise.

Thank you for putting up with me. 😉

I will see you soon.


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