April Favorites

Happy May all!

Is anyone else very excited to have May upon us?!?! I kicked April out by spending the last couple hours of the month at one of my favorite places, Fenway Park and even had a obnoxious “summer’ pink (strawberry margarita to be exact) manicure done to get in the almost summertime mood.

But before getting full into May mode, I wanted to take a minute and round up all my favorite moments, pictures, products, food, etc from the month of April!


Taking my nephew skating where his favorite players skate and his little bro turning 4 were some major highlights of the month.


Getting back into running daily has helped me get back into shape psychically and mentally with views like this…


Found a face mask that i will recommend to anyone, Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask. I’ve noticed such improvement in fine lines and my overall complexion, for under 20 dollars not a bad find.


And then there’s this… (laughs at self)


Everyone’s reaction to above picture:


One of my favorite releases of the month was Victoria Beckham for Target. I have a thing for dark floral at the moment and this VB for Target dress was a must. Check out the rest of the line, you will not be disappointed.



There are some of my April favorites now time to bring on some May fun!!!


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