Sunset Soul Food

It’s no secret, I love food. But what I love more are sunsets and while I was on my run last night watching the sun set, I was thinking how meaningful sunsets are to me. They help heal my lil’ heart when it hurts, remind me that no matter how bad a day can be, it can end beautifully and encourage me to slow down in the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy the beauty we’ve been blessed with.

I’m a sunset chaser, I often get a bad case of FOMO if I notice I am missing what could be a fabulous sunset (ALL of them).

In recent weeks I have needed these sunsets. Last night while running at my favorite spot, the sun & sky did not disappoint. After my extended run (just so i could see the sun set) I sat myself on the ground and quietly watched my favorite time of day.

The first 2 photos below are the two pictures I took last night while enjoying the sight. I also wanted to share others from my favorite sunset/running spot, maybe they’ll encourage you to go enjoy a sunset every once in a while and feed the Soul! img_9737-1


(All photos taken in Hough’s Neck (Quincy, MA))


2 thoughts on “Sunset Soul Food

  1. You could make some money selling these to a stock photo website, they are THAT good! Awesome post, thanks ❤

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