Four Never Looked So Cute

Happy Friday Jr!

My first week with my new work title/position is almost in the books and I must say it went by rather fast. It was a week full of a ton of work, my sweet nephews birthday, nice weather, lots o’ running and some maid of honor duties.

My nephew Mason turned 4 on Tuesday, FOUR! He is making his old Aunt feel…old. He is very happy to be four and was over the moon about having a hulk cake. My sister kills it with the Suzy Homemaker life and bakes cakes like no one else. (I’m trying to convince her Cakes By Cait should be a thing). Mason has reminded me everyday this week that he is now 4. And he’s a pretty stinking cute 4 if you ask me.





And some video proof that this kiddo couldn’t be any more excited to be a 4 year old (please excuse the singing).

I hit my old running trail a lot this week as well, which always gives me a sense of peace. Also hit the ground running on Bridal Shower duties for my sister, I can not get over how perfect these invites are. Sunshine Printables, you rock. I have never had a better experience as a consumer, Sasha really takes care of you! I highly recommend her work!




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