Wreaths Are My Thang


So apparently when I say I craft, I really just mean I ‘wreath’. Sharing my Coco-made Christmas wreath in today’s post. Also wanted to give you a little glimpse of my weekend and one whirlwind day in NYC.

I cut all the pieces I would be sticking in the wreath, but left enough to intertwine. All items were found at Michael’s craft store.




Now time for some New York City love:

Spent a Sunday in NYC, crazy I know you need about 12 Sundays to do everything. But the 3 and a half hour drive from Boston, makes NYC a nice {quite long} day trip.


My One Day NYC survival guide: Walk a lot to see a lot. Visit the Molly Wee Pub, quite possibly the best bartenders in the business. DO not park anywhere near tourist attractions. Visit Central Park. Shop till you almost drop. And about a million other things that need to go on your “next trip to NYC list” Do not jam out to boy band radio while driving home, earns a sore throat start to Monday morning. Enjoy!



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