What’s mine is yours???

Oh gosh, I can’t believe I haven’t posted all spring. Ya girl is slacking, but have no fear, I’m back and have so much in store for you. I have been working hard at jewelry designing, baking and trying to put together fashion posts (after all, my whole reason for starting a blog back in the day was to be a fashion blogger, which I have to admit is hilarious, cause I feel like I just found my true style).

My first post back however is an addition to the Auntcyclopedia. As you know, I have been living with my sister and my two nephews since last July, and it’s been reminding me of some very valuable life lessons.

Today’s lesson: Share!

As an adult it’s easy to forget those sharing rules we learned as kids, unless you live with roomies the same size, have a similar style, are kleptos…or in my case two lil tots who have no problem trying my things. But I mean, C’mon, they look pretty dang cute.



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