Hello Spring!

Or better yet…

Goodbye Winter!


winter was all fun and games…for one storm


I have never been happier to see Spring, however this winter did teach that maybe I take some things for granted….

Like knowing where my trash cans are.

Found em'!!!!!!!!

Found em’!!!!!!!!

Having boots that are not covered in ice-melt/salt or leaking.


My running path


new mountains!

My white picket fence I’ve always wanted


It is under there somewhere I swear!

My  Macgyver Skills

Grippy socks come in handy!


Regular Snow


Blowing snow, thats a new one

The one thing I will miss is mimosa breaks while shoveling.

IMG_1566Bah, who am I kidding I’ll enjoy those babies, sitting outside on patios this spring …and  summer… and fall…







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