Snowstorm Survival Kit

Yet again, we (Massachusetts folks ) are in the midst of a snowstorm and yet again it’s dumping almost two feet in the area I live. I’m not complaining though, pretty sure my arms and abs will be ready for summer after all this shoveling. But if your shoveling is done (or you don’t have to shovel, you lucky duck you) and you’re now stuck inside, I’ve got just the survival kit for you.


  1. Laptop for Netflix-ing, HBOgo-ing and of course Pinning.
  2. Coffee to get yourself ready for a shoveling marathon
  3. Nail Polish & Face Masks to make yourself not feel winter ugly.
  4. A sweet treat or two
  5. Champagne to make Mimosas…Do I need to explain why this is necessary for snow days? I think not.


My Survival Kit Recommendations:


The Fall. Whether you’re a Jamie Dornan fan or only know him as christian gray, you will enjoy this show. It’s gotten quite the acclaim over in Ireland and is a must see. Plus I don’t know what’s hotter, Dornan as a hot for brunettes serial killer or his (Christian Grey’s) red room of pain.

The Whale. I’m a sucker for documentaries and a sucker for whales. If you want a good cry while you pump yourself full of mimosas this is the documentary for you. Narrated by Ryan Reynolds, The Whale introduces you to Luna, who befriends humans after being separated from his family…pass the damn tissues please.

UnHung Hero. Ladies this is what happens when you tell a man he’s small…


Do you really have to ask? Start re-watching every episode of Game Of Thrones. I mean c’mon…April is coming. Thank you lord!!!!!



Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer

I picked these three books, well, because they are my favorites. Wild & Into the Wild are both books about giving up what you know and going. Both books are adventurous, mesmerizing and for me at least, let me dream of life on the road or on the crest. I admire people gutsy enough to do what the subjects of these books do.

Unbroken reminds me of all the stories my grandfather used to tell me about war. Although I never heard one quite like this, the book is a great read and an amazing true story of an Olympian turned World War II Lieutenant.


Nail Polish:

That’s Essie’s “Take It Outside” I enjoy this color because I’m not tough but my nails say otherwise.

Face Masks:

Both masks are Birchbox specials, Dr. Brandt Pore Vacuum and Cuppa Cuppa.

As for the rest of the survival kit,  any kind of alcohol, candy and coffee will do the job.

Enjoy your snow day!!




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