Keep the Kids in Selfies

You listening Kim K?!?

Lesson number two in the Auntcylopedia: Keep the kids in the Selfies

errrrr…Chilfies? Kidelfies? Usies? Groupies?!? I don’t care what ya’ll call them, I’m sticking with selfies. I may live with kids and be secure enough in my lady-hood to say things like potty, answer toy phones and eat plastic food (acting skills have become impeccable as of late) however you will never hear me refer to a photo as an usie.  And a goupie, c’mon, lets not get crazy, the only groupies I see are at sporting events and concerts.

Saying Selfie, cause Urban Dictionary told me I could



Why keep the kids in the selfies:

1. They’re just not that into it & aren’t afraid to show it.


2. Boogy picking usually is involved


3) You’ll avoid sadness.


4) They master the not serious selfie quickly!



5) You’ll have memories you can cherish forever thanks to that front facing camera of yours.


6) Lastly and kind of importantly, you’ll avoid looking like an ass…


No one wants half a face in a photo anyways, no matter how good you look.

Stay tuned for the next lesson…


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