A Braided What…

Throwing it back to that time I made a (freaking) pie! And not just any pie, one with a braided crust. I’ve never in my life had any desire whatsoever to make a pie, pretty sure I didn’t even like pie until recent years. But one day, I had an urge, I wanted to make pie and have the first official (well for my friends anyway) Friendsgiving.


I must admit, this task was not as hard as I thought it would be. This may be due to the fact that I picked up two different brands of canned pumpkin in the baking aisle and put the one with the most ingredients back.  Obviously.

What really made me want to make a pie for Friendsgiving was seeing this post by  Inspired by Charm. I don’t think I realized I could probably make a pie (with a braided crust) in under an hour and have it actually taste delish. But hey, that Inspired By Charm post made me a believer.


Now, no laughing, this was baby stepping my way into pie making but like I said, I did buy pumpkin in a can and followed the directions on the back. You can find the recipe here. I actually didn’t have some of the ingredients so I improvised. No cloves in my cabinets and no salt by choice. I try to avoid salt unless it’s very much needed. In this case the pie came out tasty as heck without it.

I also used pre-made (again baby steps people) crust. Using one roll to cover the dish and the other to make the braid.IMG_0066


And bam…a delicious dessert that I was proud of and was able to throw together at 6 am on Friendsgiving Day. Oh the things I do for the ones I love…


I did learn a few things… 1) make sure your pie dish is not too deep AND 2) only photograph the side of the braided crust that didn’t semi fall apart. #babysteps



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