Mini Roomies

Well, hell, it’s been a long time, eh?

Because I’ve taken so much time off from blogging, I’ve decided to overwhelm you for…well forever.

This, my first post of 2015, will be the first of many in a little series I’m calling…The Auntcyclopedia  Kind of a mouth full, but my other option of “auntclopedia” sounded more like a disease no one wants. So Auntcyclopedia it is.  In this series, I’ll be recapping what I have learned while living with my two mini roommates.

Sometimes life throws little curve balls at you, sometimes though you hit a home run off of one of those curveballs. For me, offering to find a place and move in with my sister and her two sons was the home run kind.

Did I ever imagine being 30, single and living with two toddlers that are not mine…ummm heck NO. But it was an easy choice to make when moving in to help out became an option. It’s been 6 months and everyday has been pretty dang fun, different but fun. With that said, time to meet the little guys.

Meet Gavin & Mason. The roommates.


Pretty stinkin’ cute, right?

Now onto the Auntcyclopedia’s lesson number 1.

I have decided to hold onto the holiday spirit until at least tomorrow. Tomorrow…school buses, traffic, Monday…you know the drill. So the first thing I have learned while living with kids has a jolly feel to it, well not really.

  1. Santa and I have one thing in common.


We both make Mason cry. And…apparently, I just noticed, we both smile while doing it. Now, I would like to believe that this little cherub isn’t afraid of me like he is Santa. I blame this cry on the fact that he was twinning with his aunt (and it was raining on our first day of our beach vacation). Double Whammy. I too later cried when we flooded. More on that later.  So I get the tears Mas, I really do.  For me though, it could be worse right? Those could be “Oh my god, my Aunt has a beard” tears or “she’s wearing the red suit again” tears. So I for now, will take those twinning tears.


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