Stay out of the Boat Lane.


I was able to finally get myself on a paddle board, or as the pros say, SUP board. And boy let me tell you, it was an experience…a super fun, super good workout, this is harder than it looks experience. My entre body hurt for about three days afterwards, but it was totally worth it. Perhaps a little less wind & not such a strong current, we would’ve mastered it, but we kind of blew all over the place, which was entertaining to say the least. We rented our boards out of West Dennis, MA (if you’re unfamiliar with Massachusetts, it’s part of the cape) at a place called Air Support. The place was pretty cool, offering all kinds of water sports adventures and tours. We opted to do our own thing and rent for 4 hours for 35 dollars. Not too shabby 😉 Here’s some photos from the experience!

This SUP board selfie caused a little “we’re in the boat lane!!” mishap.


My arm muscles look good here, which is funny cause I have none. 😉
a little action shot


Right before I gave up after two hours of battling the wind.
We were already in pain…we just hid it well.

And there you have it, the paddle boarding experience I’ve always wanted to get. Although it was challenging, it was a blast and something I would love to try again!


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