Happy National Dog Day!

All over social media, I’m seeing adorable pictures of everyone’s canine pals. So, obviously, I can’t not show off my furry family members. Unfortunately with my lease and all, I am unable to have a dog of my own at home. But tat does not stop me from “babysitting” and hanging out with my canine siblings. 😉 I’ve also discovered a sponsorship program with a pitbull rescue in my area and after seeing the face of my guy Gunther, you better believe I sponsored him to help out his awesome foster family (I’ve so turned into my mom, but just wait till you see him)


This is Skye, rescued from Alabama.
Elmer, is about as old as me. 😉
And last but not least, Gunther.

So there they are, my furry family members minus a very jealous cat.


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