Almost 30…

Hey all!

Long Time, No Talk…

I have been dying to blog for a while now, but procrastination sank in & a tad bit of laziness too, causing me to slack off for the past couple months, and by couple months I mean all of 2014. Yikes!


I’m back!

Recently I’ve had a couple of changes in my life that have kind of been challenging for me and while laying in bed the other night thinking about everything (why is it we always think when we really just want to sleep?!?!)I realized that I only had a little more than a month till I turn 30. THIRTY, THREE-ZERO. AGH.

My daddio & me
To think this feels like just yesterday 😉

I’ll have to admit, one of these changes has had me feeling pretty horrid and while laying there I thought to myself, that there’s no way I can spend the last weeks of my twenties feeling this way. So I decided to live it up during my last 30 days of my twenties.

Stock Photo

Now, let’s be real, this 30 day bucket list doesn’t include jet setting or shopping sprees. Believe me, I’d love to take you all on a fabulous photo journal trip of the world but rent’s due & I have an iced coffee addiction that peaks during the summer months $$$ What it does include are things I find fun, interesting and procrastinated on accomplishing.  The past several months I completely gave up on blogging, my friend Erin, recently started her own blog If Traffic Had a Face I’d Punch it(check it out here it is hilarious.) and it gave me the itch to continue doing something I love. So the number one thing on my bucket list was to write this post & revamp the site a bit! Done & Done.

I’ll be posting the whole list tomorrow, but for now here’s a sneak peek:

photo (2)



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    Hey all!!! Courtney here, an almost 30 year old me! AHHH! I’ve started blogging again & have my 30 days before 30 bucket list started! You can follow my almost 30 journey here and on my personal blog, the Coco Chronicles! Hope you Enjoy!

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